Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

These Chocolate Truffle Cookies are comparable to a peanut butter cookie without the nut taste. They have a crunchy exterior with a delicious soft interior and are filled with chocolate chips. They are oh-so-yummy.

While walking through Costco one day without a definite list (which is just plain dangerous), I thought I picked up Nutella. However, as I got home, I realized that I bought truffle spread made by Truffettes de France. It is the consistency of nutella, but is pure chocolate goodness. Of course, the boys loved it! They would constantly ask for chocolate sandwiches for lunch. I was feeling a bit guilty about allowing them to have this for lunch and decided to use some of it up in baking.  I came up with a plan to use it as a replacement for peanut butter in cookies. The peanut butter cookie recipe I based my recipe on can be found at Sally’s Baking Addiction.chocolate truffle cookies

I made these cookies for a hockey fundraiser and they were bought up right away. They are a visually appealing and stomach delighting cookie. Plus, just saying the word Chocolate Truffle sounds gourmet.  So the name practically sells itself.

Chocolate Truffle Cookies


  1. To cream the butter and sugar easier, make sure the butter is at room temperature. If you forget to take the butter out ahead of time, cut it up into smaller piece in order to get to room temperature faster.
  2. The truffle spread is a little thinner than peanut butter, so if the dough is too wet, add 1/4 cup flour.
  3. Any flavor of chocolate chip will work, I used semi-sweet.
  4. These would be wonderful with a dusting of brown sugar on top before baking.
  5. I pressed down the cookies in a cross-shape using a fork.
  6. Once again, I used a stone pan to cook my cookies, it just makes cookies better.


Enjoy these delicious Chocolate Truffle Cookies!

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