Easter Wreath

Easter is around the corner. I will eventually post some Easter food ideas, but first some crafting (my other hobby). I don’t usually get into decorating for Easter as much as Christmas, but I do love hanging a seasonal wreath on the front door. I created this Easter wreath last year and it is super easy to make.

Easter Wreath

Whether you celebrate Easter because of springtime and new life or in remembrance of new life with Christ, this wreath will look lovely adorning your front door this spring.


The pictures below are obviously not the colors I used for the Easter wreath, they are just the materials I had lying around from other projects.

  • foam pool noodle, light color
  • rolls of tulle in various colors, 6″ wide
  • fabric Easter Lily flowers (3)
  • ribbon
  • glue gun
  • duct tape
  • scissors

Step 1

Measure and cut your pool noodle to 35-40 inches. Create a loop and use hot glue from glue gun to complete circle. I also wrapped a bit of duct tape to make sure the loop stayed together. I used a light green pool noodle for my wreath. Tulle is slightly see through, so choose a lighter color noodle. Mine eventually became more of a oval shape, which I thought looked like an easter eggs, so I kept it that way.

Step 2

Cut your tulle into 30″ strips. Cut 35 strips of each color: pink, green and white tulle.

tulle wreath slipknot
Directions on how to create slip knot for Easter Wreath.

Starting at one end of the noodle, using slip knots, tie on one strip of tulle. Originally this wreath was made for a baby shower I hosted so the pattern I used was: “…pink, white, green, pink, pink, white, green…”, which made the pink stand out more. I put the baby’s name in a little banner across it and of course it did not have the Easter lilies attached.

Step 3

Add the Easter lilies and ribbon across from each other. I bDollar Store flowerought the fabric flowers from the local dollar store, but any crafting store should carry some. They came with a long stem that I cut off, leaving an inch of stem that I could poke into the foam pool noodle.

I used a slip knot to attached the ribbon, which I then tied to the nail in my door. I made sure the ribbon covered the duct tape that I used to create the foam loop, that is why there is a double loop of the pink polka dot ribbon.

That is it! So simple, so cute. 

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