Life’s interruptions

checklist1Today was one of those days that things got started but never finished. I couldn’t complete a task with out being distracted by 7 other thoughts or 3 little boys. I love making checklists and the feeling of making that little checkmark or cross-out. I even add items to my list that I have already accomplished so I feel more successful. Today, I didn’t make it through two items on the list.

For example, this evening I started emptying the dishwasher and then I decided to start a post about food and photography. (I am learning to create better images of the food I am creating.) However at the same time, the three munchkins, who in hindsight were all very tired, decided that it was time to push each others buttons.


The oldest wanted space.

The youngest wanted to cuddle with either brother.

The middle wanted to play by having battles.

Peace was not present in our house this evening and can be summed up by the cartoon to the right.


I know that I am told that it goes quickly and that I will miss the interruptions when the boys are teenagers. However, this is the now and it can be overwhelming. Grace and Mercy is a constant prayer that I have for my children…I have to remember to pray that for myself too! I also have to be willing to let go of the checklist and be present for those three boys who still crave mom’s attention and investment. It is also so easy to have the negative interactions cloud my remembrance of the wonderful moments and loving brotherly interactions.

Now on to tomorrow…