Penguin Birthday Party

Levi had his fourth birthday party this past weekend. His actual birthday was two weeks before that; however, with baseball season starting and hockey tournaments, his birthday and any type of planning gets kinda lost in the shuffle. (sorry buddy). So the week before his party date, I asked what type of birthday he wanted. He stated, “penguin”, probably because his dad’s favorite hockey team is the Pittsburg Penguins. My first reaction was, “how am I going to do that?” Well, thanks to pinterest, I was inspired to get creative.

pengiun and polar bear balloons
Hostess with the Mostess

My first inspiration was these really cute balloon animals at hostess with the mostess. These are super easy to make. This was the first time I actually clicked on the link and saw there is actually a template you can download. I just cut out the appropriate white shape for the penguin and used a black and orange sharpie to draw on the eyes and nose. I made flipper shapes out of black paper, but I neglected to make feet for the penguin. For the polar bears, I used a sharpie for the face, and cut out white ears and colored in the inner grey part.

Next problem was how to get the balloons to stand up as a helium tank wasn’t in the budget this time. I remembered seeing balloon sticks at the dollar store. On amazon, you can buy 144 for $12, which is a steal compared to the $35 for a helium tank that I usually end up wasting. Plus I could make the balloons ahead of time, whereas helium balloons have to be made shortly before the birthday party otherwise they wilt. I placed the balloon in various vases around the living room and kitchen. I did have to use a little tape to make sure that they were facing the right direction, the balloons tended to face the wall. penguin birthday party balloons

For birthday parties, my scrapbooking past comes out and I take out my paper and cutter and make a banner for the party. Seeing as this is the 18th birthday party that I have hosted (8, 6, and 4), I have a few that I usually reuse. However, none of the previous banners fit the color scheme. So I took out my paper cutter and decided to create a new one. Of course, with a winter themed party, I would have to used white, but I wanted to add some light blue/turquoise color. I was inspired by all the recent paint-dipped decor and the banner at Tell Love and Party. I usually use a machine (The discontinued Making Memories Slice machine) that cuts out letters from card stock, but unfortunately during my last creative time, it jammed. Therefore, I resorted to the trusty black sharpie again to draw on the letters. I actually think it turned out pretty great. I added the puff banner above that I found at the dollar store.

Birthday Banner

The banner hung over the table, for which I had an “ice” block centerpiece. It would have been awesome to have an actually ice sculpture, but I am not that creative. So at the dollar store, I saw some square vases and thought that stacking them would look like ice blocks. I added some white pom-poms to look like snow. I placed it on top of the turquoise card-stock. It still didn’t look right, so I added some extra penguins that I had made for the thank-you cards. I think that if I do it again I would pick up a couple more vases to make it more pyramid-like.

centerpiece of winter birthday

In the picture of the banner, you can see some snowflakes taped to the window. My middle child like helping make the snowflakes. He had learned in kindergarten this past year how to make diamond (square) shaped one, so I taught him how to make six-pointed snowflakes. We placed them on the windows, hung them from the living room mantle and tied them to three paper lanterns that hung over the food table. paper snowflakes

The highlight of the birthday party was actually the hot chocolate bar, which I forgot to take a picture of when it was in all its glory. I made hot chocolate (hot cocoa) in the slow cooker with a recipe I found at the blog, One Good Thing. The only difference was that I added an extra cup of chocolate chips and an extra cup of milk. It was delicious. For the hot chocolate bar, I had little bowls of marshmallows, mini-rolo’s, caramel bits, cinnamon sticks, sea salt, and peppermints. Plus, I bought some hazelnut syrup. I also bought a can of whip cream, which I promptly forgot to put out. The kids loved being able to choose what to put in their cups. Some where a little enthusiastic with the marshmallows.

hot chocolate

[ezcol_1third]penguin thank you tag[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end]For the thank-you’s, our family tradition is to give each family a book instead of candy. To make the thank-you notes:

  1. make the penguin with white/black card stock,
  2. attach a piece of ribbon tape,
  3. stamp thank-you over top,
  4. attach penguin.
  5. punch hole into tag and attach to book with ribbon.[/ezcol_2third_end]

Last but not least, a little teaser for the next blog post on how to make a penguin cake. Guests thought the cake was just a decoration for the birthday party until Levi enthusiastically told them all that it was the cake. The kids loved the look and taste of this cake.

penguin cake




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    Oh Melissa you are so talented and spoil those wonderful boys of yours! Wish I could have been there. One day! Happy Birthday again Levi!

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