About Me

My name is Melissa Macauley and I am a chocolate addict. I love to eat, but more importantly I enjoy bringing smiles to people faces by serving them amazing food or baking a scrumptious treat. When I bring a dish or cake to an event or to a friend, I am often asked how I made the dish or to provide the recipe. That is why this bloMelissa Macauleyg was created, so everyone can delight in delicious food.

I am currently a stay-at-home mom with three growing and hungry boys. They aren’t even teens yet and I am amazed at how much food these three can consume. They seem to require a steady stream of snacks from after school to dinner time, and they still finish their dinner. If you have young’uns, hopefully some of the recipes I post here will fill their tummies.

My other interests besides chocolate include: crafting, board games, and sports. If I am not baking, I am on the hockey rink or coaching my three boys’ soccer, baseball or basketball teams.