Buttermilk Chocolate Cake

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake

It was the hubby’s birthday this past week. He is just a couple month older than me, so his birthday always reminds me of the age I am turning this year. Which can be a good thing or bad thing.  (Does anyone else have to pause when trying to calculate exactly how old they are?) This year is a big one because I am now considered a Master for sports.

Anyways, my husband will always request a dark chocolate cake for his birthday. I tried to prompt other suggestions this year so that I could have some more diversity for cake section in the blog… but it is his birthday, so he got his chocolatey wish. I decided to try an old fashioned Buttermilk Chocolate Cake. I topped this cake with a salted caramel cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache.

buttermilk chocolate Cake

Sorry for the bad lighting while taking the pictures. I intended to finish the cake and take pictures before it was dark out, but my kid’s baseball interfered. I had to drop one kid off at practice and coach the other two’s game. We did get to sing happy birthday with the kids from the hubby’s baseball team so that was kinda special for his birthday. So the icing of the cake didn’t occur till an hour before we sang happy birthday.

I would make a few changes next time I make it, but it still tasted great. I would use a milder coffee and make the ganache a bit thinner to flow over the cake more.

This is how my oldest likes to eat this cake:

Josh eats all the cake portion and then savors the frosting.

buttermilk chocolate cake recipe


  1. The truffle spread can be substitute with Nutella or 4 oz of melted chocolate.
  2. I was in a hurry, so I made two 9inch cakes to make a two layer rather than three layer cake. I would advice to keep it to three layers because as you can see one of the layers sunk in the middle. I left it this way so it can be filled with a thick frosting layer.
  3. Let the Buttermilk chocolate cake layer cool before frosting.
  4. This cake can be crumbly, so freezing before frosting will help when creating a crumb coat with the frosting.
  5. This recipe was inspired by the “Died-and-gone-to-heaven chocolate layer cake” in the recipe book, The Looneyspoons Collection.

buttermilk chocolate cake


  1. For a thinner ganache, add more whipping cream.
  2. For a quick caramel sauce, visit the recipe at lifemadesweeter.


Hope you enjoy this Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with salted caramel cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache.

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