Potluck Chili Meatloaf

Sausage and Beef Meatloaf

Recently, we were invited to a potluck with the food theme of “comfort food”. I thought of just showing up with chocolate and ice cream, which is my idea of comfort food. However, I don’t think everyone would appreciate eating sweets for dinner as much as I would. I elected to make meatloaf instead.

This meatloaf is a combination of beef and ground sausage with sautéed garlic, red pepper and onions. The meatloaf is spiced with chili powder and cumin. This is not your typical meatloaf. It is packed with flavor and scrumptiousness. Your kids won’t groan when it is served. Actually, for my kids, they won’t complain as long as I dice-up the vegetable small enough so that they can’t visibly see them. Plus, no kid can resist the melted cheese on top. My middle has declared that his favorite kind of cheese is “melted”.

Recently, one of the shows that my boys watch has given meatloaf a bad name. The boy in the show detests that his family has meatloaf all the time. I decided that I needed to modify their presumption and let them know that meatloaf can be great. This loaf was eaten readily by two out of the three boys. The one holdout noticed the vegetable too much.. (note to self: cut vege’s even smaller).

meatloaf recipe


  • I usually chop the vegetable smaller than the pictures for my family.
  • Let the tomato mixture cool slightly before mixing into beef.
  • I usually use my hand to mix everything up!
  • To prevent liquid build-up, use extra lean ground beef. Otherwise, drain the grease before adding the cheese layer.
  • Instead of Italian seasoning, you could use dried oregano
  • To add heat, add some chopped jalepeno peppers or green chillies.
  • Instead of one large meatloaf, you can split this recipe into two 9×5 loaf pans. Freeze the extra without the cheese layer. It will be a thicker loaf, which I actually like better.

This recipe was inspired by Colorado Chili Meat Loaf in the cookbook Colorado Collage. This cookbook is dense, but packed with some of my favorite recipes. A friend gave it to me for Christmas one year and she went through and wrote little excerpts on the recipes that she loves. I love seeing her little editorial notes when I try a new recipe.


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    Sounds like a good meatloaf! I don’t know why meatloaf has a bad rap! My grandkids love mine! I’ll have to send you the recipe! I’m going to try this one on them next!

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