Chocolate Cupcakes (2) with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes 2

So early this morning, I get a friendly reminder from my husband that he promised my son’s basketball team to bring cupcakes for their end of season game which started at 9:30am. For a second, I actually thought of picking up store bought cupcakes, but I just couldn’t do. I love homemade chocolate cupcakes made from scratch so much better. I also wanted to share my other favorite frosting which is cream cheese frosting.

Therefore, you are already having round 2 of chocolate cupcakes, with this being only my fifth recipe posted. I am always trying to find the best of “____”. Have you seen the blog post describing different way to make chocolate chip cookies by Handle the Heat. I am on a similar quest to find the right chocolate cupcake recipe. So, I decided to try a different recipe that I could share with you.

This recipe is not as rich as the other chocolate cupcakes, but have a lighter, fluffier texture and taste. These don’t contain mayonnaise like the last version, so they weren’t as moist. They were really delicious and the kids loved them. All-in-all, I was happy that I decided to make them even though this morning was kind of a rush with getting ready for a basketball game and two baseball games.

Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe


  1. Dutch processed cocoa is less acidic than natural cocoa powder. You may have to buy at a specialty store. I buy it at Sproats here in San Diego.
  2. Usually with Dutch processed cocoa, you should use baking powder… I forgot in this recipe. They were still fluffy, but if you are having trouble, add 1tsp baking powder.
  3. This recipe can make 24 smaller cupcakes, but I like to make taller cupcakes, so I only made 18.

The cream cheese frosting is super easy compared to the swiss meringue buttercream. It is much more dense than the buttercream as well. It has amazing flavor from the cream cheese. Whenever, I make this frosting, I am asked for the recipe. It is so easy that I have it memorized and can share it off the top of my head. The downside to this frosting is that it doesn’t resist heat. So if you are icing a cake and the party is on a hot day, keep the cake in the fridge otherwise your design will be wilted. This piece of advice is from experience. When my husband started working in his current lab, I thought it would be nice to bring cupcakes for his birthday for all his lab mates. Well, it was a super hot day and on the car ride to the lab, the icing on the chocolate cupcakes became puddles. It was horrible. However, even with the now cream cheese glaze, the cupcakes were gobbled up.

cream cheese frosting


  1. This is a thick frosting, so you will have to use your muscles when piping. You can thin it, by adding a bit of milk (add 1Tbsp at a time).
  2. If you are coloring this frosting, it takes a bit more dye gel than buttercream. So maybe avoid this frosting if your are trying to make the elusive bright red color.


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