Easter Carrot Cake

Easter Carrot Cake

I decided to make Carrot Cake for Easter this year. It is one of my husband’s favorite cakes besides anything chocolate. I have never made carrot cake before because until now, I have been deeply routed in the belief that vegetables and dessert don’t mix. However, I decided to expand my belief system and try out a super moist carrot cake. To make the cake fit the Easter decor, I dyed the frosting in three colors and applied it to the cake in a rough watercolor design.

Easter watercolor cake

I have a feeling my kids view this cake as more of a side to the cream cheese frosting. Tonight, I watched my oldest son eat all the inside cake later and leaving just the outer layer till last. He did say that he loved it all, but the frosting was the best. My husband and I thought the carrot cake was amazing and I couldn’t wait for seconds the next day. Yes, I had to assert a lot of discipline to wait till the next day for my second slice.

This carrot cake is super moist and has the perfect amount of cinnamon and nutmeg flavor. Paired with cream cheese frosting, this cake has just the right amount of sweetness. I was inspired by the recipe at gimmesomeoven, however, I tweaked it to my liking and because I didn’t have enough eggs for her recipe. I will have to try her exact recipe at some point.

Bake the Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake recipe


  1. Sour Cream can be a substitute for yogurt.
  2. Use the fine-grate of your grater for the carrots.
  3. 1 lb. Carrot was 6 medium carrots in my bag.
  4. This cake batter is thick, so if you want more level cakes, push the batter higher on the edges of the pan and less in the middle.
  5. Let the cake cool completely before frosting. Place in fridge to reduce crumbles when frosting.

Frosting the cake.

I used my go-to cream cheese frosting. I made a triple batch.

cream cheese frosting

Stacking the layers.

However, for the frosting that was used for stacking the cakes, I added 2 Tbsp cream to thin out the frosting so it spread easier. I spread a generous amount between the layer, but it seemed to absorb into the cake layers a bit. So next time, I will probably not thin it out, so the frosting layers stay thick. However, the thin layers tasted great and melded in with the cake so well.

Crumb Coat

Whenever you are making a layered cake make sure to do a crumb coat. A crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting that captures all the crumbs and sticks them to the cake. Make sure to place in the fridge for an hour before starting the next step.

Watercolor layer

I should have taken pictures of this step, but there is a great tutorial at Sweet Style CA. She has some great cake decorating ideas.

For my Easter cake: I put a thick blue layer on the bottom, then the pink layer over that and then topped with the yellow layer. When you use your cake smoother, the layers meld together creating that watercolor look. Mine was a bit rough looking, you could smooth it out more and make it more rustic looking.

Eat and Enjoy

carrot cake


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