Fast and Easy Stir-Fry

Hoisin sauce stirfry

We all need a weekday meal that is healthy, delicious and fast. This stir-fry is super easy as the main ingredient is store-bought (gasp, not homemade) Hoisin sauce. I generally try to make most of my meals from scratch and most of my stir-fry sauces are from scratch, but once in awhile my time is too valuable that day.

This past week, the husband was away at a conference and our meals tend to slide when he is away. We eat pizza, nachos and other very kid-friendly meals. I decided that the kiddo’s needed some more variety in their vegetable intake, so a stir-fry went on the meal plan.

I was going to make Kung Pao chicken, but at 5:30pm I realized that we were out of soy sauce, which was required for the recipe that I was going to use. Time to wing it. I looked in the fridge and all I had was a bottle of Hoisin Sauce with the label, “an authentic Chinese cooking and dipping sauce”. So I decided to mix it with fresh lemon juice, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper. It was delicious. So simple, yet so good. They boys enjoyed it as well, even though I still had to pick out some of the vegetables for them. They liked the carrots and celery, but passed on the red pepper.

Hoisin sauce chicken stir-fry


  • Our family likes freshly squeezed lime juice and butter on our rice that is cooked in the rice cooker.
  • To make this recipe even easier, use an already cooked chicken, like the $5 rotisserie chicken at Costco. Add the chicken to the cooked vegetables right before adding the sauce.

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