Mini-Egg Chocolate Cookies

mini-egg chocolate cookies

I can’t resist Cadbury Mini-eggs at Easter time. They are the perfect amount of candy crunch and milk chocolate goodness. I am not a big cream-egg person, but these mini-eggs are just dangerous in my house. I resist as long as I can, but as soon as I see them on sale, they end up in my shopping cart. The large bag was on sale this week. I was determined not to eat the whole bag, so I thought I would make them into an Easter treat. I made these delicious chocolate cookies with crushed mini-egg bits.

cadbury egg cookies

I adapted my double chocolate cookie recipe to use the mini-eggs instead of the usual chocolate chips to make these mini-egg chocolate cookies. This cookie is almost like a brownie as it is soft and fluffy in texture. The mini-eggs add a bit of crunch to these smooth cookies. The boys saw the finished product and were all ooh’s and ahh’s. These would be great to bring to an Easter lunch or Easter service.

mini-egg chocolate cookies recipe


  1. Milk can be substituted for the half and half cream.
  2. To make mini-egg bits, I placed a cup of eggs in a ziplock and smashed them with a hammer or meat tenderizer.
  3. I halved the eggs to make the trio on the top. For some, I just placed a single whole egg.
  4. Cooking on stone is always an alternative to using a metal cooking sheet; cook the cookies for a little bit shorter if using metal.
  5. These cookies are very soft, so putting them in the fridge firms them up a bit.

This recipe was adapted from a recipe passed down to me by my older sister. The original recipe calls for less flour, but I added more to create a firmer cookie.

Also for some reason, a lot of the recipes that I brought with me from Canada seems to require more flour here in the US. After a bit of research (just now), I discovered that there is a difference! American flour is softer. You can read more about the differences at CooksInfo.

Enjoy your Easter and hopefully indulge in some mini-egg chocolate cookies.