Pineapple Sugar Cookies

pineapple sugar cookies

A sugar cookie recipe in April! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post my sugar cookie recipe till Christmas time when I usually bring out the cookie cutters and royal icing. However, while fundraising by selling some of my baking for my national ball hockey team, I was asked to make sugar cookies for an Island theme birthday party. I decided to make pineapple sugar cookies. 

These sugar cookies are soft and oh-so-good, especially with the beautiful royal icing. When doing research for a sugar cookie recipe, I combined a couple recipes to create this version. I love it. My kids love it.

Step 1: Make the Pineapple Sugar Cookies

Pineapple Sugar Cookie recipe


  1.  Thicker and larger shaped cookies need longer to brown and cook all the way through. These pineapples needed closer to 9 min on the stone bar pan.
  2. The more you roll out the dough, the less smooth the finished cookie will be. So try to maximize your cookie cutter placements.

Step 2: Royal Icing

After the cookies have cooled, the next step is to make the beautiful royal icing. The trick with royal icing is to make sure to minimize exposure to air before applying the icing. A great resource for everything sugar cookie related is on a blog post by Bee In Our Bonnet. It is a bit of a long read, but has great info.

royal icing recipe


  1. I made four color/thickness combo’s for this design.
    1. Thick green
    2. Thinned green (added two tbsp water)
    3. Thick orange
    4. Thinned yellow (added two tbsp water)
  2. For some reason, my royal icing was a bit thin this time, so I added a bit more powdered sugar for the thick icing needed.
  3. I use Wilton squeezable decorating bottles to create the design.
  4. Use the thick icing sugar to outline your cookie, it prevents the thin icing from overflowing over the cookie. The thin icing is used to flood the cookie.
  5. You may need to use a toothpick to pop any air bubbles in the thin icing.
  6. If you are more diligent than I was, the orange lines could be more even and creating a thicker yellow icing would raise this part more. I was making 50 of them at 3am in the morning, so diligence wasn’t on my side.
  7. Let the cookies dry overnight. The icing will harden and you can even stack your cookies. pineapple sugar cookies

These pineapple sugar cookies are so good. They are a bit of work, but look amazing when done. If you are looking for a sugar cookie with a simple icing check out Vintage Revivals‘s recipe.  However, nicely decorated sugar cookies make a great thank-you gift for parties like the pink baby onesies pictured that I made for a shower.

baby onsie sugar cookie

Thanks and Enjoy!!


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    How adorable!! What a great cookie recipe and they are so cute too!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! Pinned!

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