Raspberry Oat Bars

Raspberry Oat Bars

These Raspberry Oat Bars are a wonderful treat. They have a tangy raspberry flavor mixed with the brown sugary sweetness of an oat bar. Most raspberry bars use jam as the filling; I wanted to take it a step further and make the raspberry filling from scratch. I really liked a raspberry compote that I have previous made and posted for filling for a penguin-shaped birthday cake. I decided to make this compote and add cream cheese to thicken it. It was delicious.

I was inspired by Starbucks Cherry Oat Bars to make these raspberry oat bars. My favorite berry is the raspberry, so I decided to make try this flavor instead of cherry. In my opinion, raspberry are the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness. They add great flavor to smoothies, cakes and ice-cream. When I lived in Canada and had easy access to local farms, I loved raspberry picking season. I would pick several ice-cream gallon (4 Liter) buckets full and eat or freeze them for later use. It is so fun to self-pick fruit with kids. It is amazing how many berries they can eat, spread on their face and mash into their clothes. mmmm….so good and so fun.

Step 1: Raspberry Compote and Cream Cheese Mixture

Raspberry Compote

Make the compote on the stove. Let it cool.Raspberry Compote

Then combine it with 4 oz of cream cheese in the mixer. It will not combine smoothly. It is okay if you can still see bits of cream cheese in the mixture.

Step 2: The Raspberry Oat Bars

raspberry oat bars recipe


  1. For a thicker bar, double the oat mixture and cook the bars 15 min longer. This give the bar a sweater taste. The very top photo on this page of the bars is a double oat version.
  2. Bake the bars on parchment paper for easier removal from the pan.
  3. Bake until the top layer is golden brown.


This Oat Bar is very versatile. It could be used for various fruit flavors. A lemon cream filling would be amazing. The Oat Bar portion was inspired by an amazing Peaches’n Cream Bar recipe that I made last summer and will make again during peach season.


Raspberry Oat Bars



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