Tea Party Themed Baby Shower

tea party themed baby showerI co-hosted a baby shower in which the mom-to-be and family elected to not find out the baby’s gender. I originally thought that I would host a gender-neutral party; but seeing as I rarely get to throw parties that involve flowers and pretty things, I decided to go with a tea party themed baby shower to celebrate the mom-to-be.

Plus, I was finally able to use the china dish set that I inherited from my husband’s grandmother. It is gorgeous! It comes with coffee cups, tea cups, dessert plates, salad plates, dinner plates, tea set and more. (Don’t mind the table clothe that desperately needs an ironing.)

Heirloom China Dish Set

Color Schemecoral mint and leaf ribbon

The color scheme was inspired by three beautiful ribbon rolls that I found at a trip to Michaels. All three are from the Celebrate It brand. The leaf and lacey green ribbons are from the Vintage Bluch Rose Antigue collection and thecoral-colored ribbon is from the Shoreline Littoral collection.



Next step was incorporate the ribbons into the decor and decided to add some ribbon tassels to a banner. I made this super cute BABY banner. In the past, I usually make my party banners from scratch, but I found some super cute gold-tinted burlap triangles at Target and had to get them. I add the letters, some pre-made flowers and the ribbon tassels. You can find out how to make more elaborate ribbon tassels at the blog, Sunshine Shope Supply. I just grouped the ribbon together and tied a small piece of twine around the top.

burlap and ribbon baby banner

Flowers and other Decorations

Fresh flowers is an easy decorating idea that are timeless, gorgeous and add a sophisticated. I found the coral colored roses at Trader Joe’s and paired them with two varieties of white and green tinged flowers.

coral roses

A baby shower isn’t complete without an umbrella. I found a beautiful Leegoal Handmade Umbrellas on amazon. I hung it from the ceiling using a push pin. It was flanked by two white paper lanterns.


We had three sit-in your seats games and one more active game.

  1. Predict the Gender by placing a stone in a jar.
  2. Write a funny note on a diaper.
  3. Write a prayer/note for mama or baby.
  4. Celebrity Party Game with Baby-Themed Clue instead of celebrity names.


Did I  mention we also ate delicious food including fruit, layered raspberry cake, coffee cake, and this amazing Proscuitto, Mushroom and Leek Quiche.quiche raspberry white cake

Hope you enjoy your own Tea Party Themed Baby Shower.