Thai Chicken Soup in the Slow Cooker

Thai Chicken soup in crockpot

This Thai Chicken Soup is a copycat slow cooker recipe from Foodie Crush. My husband and I enjoyed it. I saw her recipe on pinterest and decided that I would try it out on one of our many busy baseball nights. The slow cooker goes into overdrive during the spring baseball season as we are at the field 3-4 times a week and for some reason the schedule is always over dinner prep time. The beauty of this recipe was there was minimal prep to the meal, no browning of the chicken, just chopping.

I love Thai food and we have been missing our favorite restaurants from when we lived in Vancouver, Canada. So if you have a favorite Thai restaurant in San Diego, please recommend one. I love the combination of sweet curries and rice.

Warning: this Thai chicken soup was not kid-friendly in my house. The boys were very hesitant in trying the soup. However, once I picked through the vegetables, they did eventually eat it. It is quite sweet, so I was surprised that they didn’t love it. I think it might have been that it was soup and on this particular night, soup was not what they desired.

Thai Chicken Soup in the slow cooker


  1. The original recipe doubles the coconut milk and chicken broth, I decided to halve in order to make a thicker more curry like soup.
  2. I added cauliflower and didn’t add the peas per family preference.
  3. The chicken was extremely tender, any longer in the crock pot and it would have been overcooked.
  4. If I had to use the low setting for an all day slow cook, I think I would brown the meat first or leave it in larger chunks.


Thai Chicken Soup in the slow cooker

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