Tortilla Soup in the Slow Cooker

Tortilla Soup

This tortilla soup is a mainstay in my house, especially now that the boys’  baseball season has started and we are at the field from 4-6pm almost everyday. Crazy practice times = dragging out the slow cooker (crockpot).

Coincidently, a dear friend asked me to provide some slow cooker recipes on my blog. I actually groaned inwardly. I generally don’t fail when cooking a meal for my family, but the times when a dish has failed has invariably been linked to the slow cooker or by adding too hot of spices. So, as I grow this blog, I will hopefully increase my repertoire of good slow cooker recipes to share. After this, I am going to start with some recipes from the Comfort of Cooking blog, she has some great looking dishes like her chicken cacciatore.

So what cause the slow cooker failures? In my many attempts at slow cooker meals, I find meat can easily be dried out if you do not add enough liquid to the pot. By enough, I mean a lot. So, the meals that have been tasty in the slow cooker tend to be soups, sauces or chilies. I had an amazing chicken noodle soup the other day at my pastor’s house. I will try to get the recipe for you all.


[ezcol_1half]This tortilla soup is a favorite of my boys. Whenever, I am making soup, my oldest will ask if is”the one I like” because otherwise he will declare he is not eating it. He does eat other soup and like them after some coaxing. What is with kids and anything that is mixed? They will eat broccoli on the side, but if it is in a dish it is like green aliens invaded the kitchen. My boys will groan and delay trying the food. The funniest part is that when they finally try a bite, they become quiet, I pretend to ignore them, and then look over “in surprise” that they have finished their whole plate.  [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]family-meal-fowl-language-575x718[/ezcol_1half_end]

Another bonus of this soup is that it is super easy to make and has a healthy sweet potato base. It uses mostly canned ingredients, which I usually shy away from, but this recipe is a keeper. Plus, once a month I make dinner for the local youth group which is around 40 students and this recipe is budget-friendly and can be stretched.

Tortilla Soup


  1. I have used mashed sweet potatoes not from a can and it is delicious, but more prep work.
  2. Use your favorite salsa. My boys prefer mild, so the husband adds a dash of hot sauce.
  3. Homemade chicken stock is really easy to make if you ever buy a whole chicken. Just throw the leftover chicken bones in the slow cooker, cover with water and set to low overnight.
  4. I like to crush a few chips in the soup and then use the chips as the spoon. The husband like to crush lots of chip and use a regular spoon.
  5. Adding a dollop of sour cream make the soup nice and creamy.
  6. I have also added cooked chicken to make it heartier for the boys.

I grew up calling the slow cooker, the crockpot. I see both words online. For some reason, I have moved to using the term slow cooker. Do you have a preference?

Thanks to my friend, Sarah Murry, who first introduced me to tortilla soup with a sweet potato base.